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the perfect blonde


the secret behind the perfect blonde is that there isn’t one. blonde is not a one size fits all type of thing, however that doesn’t mean that blonde is impossible to achieve. it just means that there isn’t one specific formula that works for everyone. there are a multitude of reasons that blonde can go wrong and a lot of the time it is an outside factor contributing to the process. and i’ll say it now to get it out of the way, BLONDE IS A PROCESS. no matter which way you look at it, going blonde is going to take time and patience, especially if you are starting with a dark base.

when determining the best fitting blonde for you, take into consideration your underlying skin tone. you want to achieve a blonde that compliments your complexion, and doesn’t wash you out or create too much of a contrast. knowing the underlying pigment of your skin is just as important as knowing the hidden pigments in your hair.

as previously mentioned there can be outside factors contributing to the blonding process. hormones and different medications can play into the outcome of a lightening session that was not the intent. this does not mean that you cannot color your hair if these factors pertain to you. just be mindful of what is going on and don’t be surprised if it takes longer to get to the desired blonde than previously anticipated.

there is no secret formula to the perfect blonde. try to keep in mind what compliments you the best and when you are looking for a reference picture it is always a good idea to look for someone with similar undertones. by having a reference that is similar to you, you will keep your blonde goals realistic and much more achievable. and remember if you rush the process you run the risk of chemical damage and breakage. chemical cuts are not complementary to anyone, but with the right stylist you won’t have to worry about that. <3

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